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The Most Incredible Success Stories In Fitness

Our members don’t only lose weight. Once the pounds are gone, they’re left with an amazing shape and tone that you can only get from a first class fitness regimen. Find out what your body is truly capable of at Better Body and you’ll be our next success story.

The Most Incredible Success Stories In Fitness

Fat-Burning Intervals At Their Finest

You’ve heard of interval training right? Yes, but everyone’s doing that these days. At Better Body, you’ll find a higher level. We pick interval moves that sculpt and tone you, to make sure you’re changing your shape while you’re burning fat. There’s more to results than endless burpees; that’s what you’ll discover with us.

Body Sculpting With Weights

Did you know that if you do the wrong strength moves, you can actually look worse? The wrong routine can give you a stockier, chunkier, blockier appearance, bigger clothing sizes, and a larger waist. We pick moves that will sculpt, tone, and define you, and put them in a combination to give you your best possible appearance.

When Fitness Is Fun, It’s Effortless

Our greatest discovery at Better Body is a training style that pumps tons of energy, motivation, and fun into every single day. You’ll look forward to every workout as a way to let loose and unwind from your day, or kick-start it with strength and power. It’s this unique approach that’s helped us turn more newbies into fitness junkies than any other program ever invented.

We’re Something Completely Different

Gyms don’t work – they’re awkward places where you don’t know what to do, and there’s no one qualified around to help.

Specialized programs like cycling, kickboxing, or zumba are only a one-dimensional part of the fitness equation – they’re not the complete package.

Personal Trainers are usually under-qualified and over-priced; and even if you find a good one, they’re usually not available or flexible enough to see you when you need them.

Better Body Bootcamp Is The Solution

We know that your reasons for getting into shape are deep and meaningful. That’s why we treat your results like a matter of life and death.  We achieve this through the best trainers in the business, running the most effective workouts, in the most fun and caring environment in all of fitness.

It’s About More Than Fitness

There isn’t one thing that impacts more areas of life than your fitness. Your family, your work, your relationship, and your own personal self-esteem – it all goes back to how you’re taking care of your body. We understand this, and the environment at Better Body reflects it. We’ve worked hard to make Better Body a warm, motivating, and inviting place you look forward to going to.

Our Company

Started in 2011, Better Body has grown into one of the top privately owned training programs in the country. Our success is a result of our core values, our community, and always putting our members first. From your very first visit, you’ll discover that you’ve never been to a place like Better Body.

What Are You Waiting For?

We make working out easy, but making excuses will always be easier. Unfortunately, excuses won’t get you results. Will you look back in three months from now, wishing you had started sooner? Life is too short to allow that to happen. Staying in shape is a part of being alive – so start now to make the most of every minute.

Andera | The BBB Testimonials
Six Years later, Andera’s Love for Better Body is stronger than ever
Andera struggled when she first joined Better Body six years ago, but she remained dedicated and has transformed herself from head-to-toe.

Marc | The BBB Testimonials
Marc dropped 25 pounds while maintaining his strength
Marc’s workout routine used to be all heavy lifting. He felt bulky and unhappy with his body. Find out how BBB gave Marc the body he wanted without forcing him to sacrifice strength.

Becca | The BBB Testimonials
Becca found the fitness motivation she needed at BBB
Becca’s first session was intimidating, but she made it through with the help of our trainers and members, which convinced her to come back. Find out what Becca loves about our community.

Donna | The BBB Testimonials
Donna discovered the right blend of personal and group training
Donna struggled her first session, but knew she was in the right place. She loves the personal attention and group encouragement. Find out what Donna loves about BBB’s atmosphere.

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