Wiser with Kaiser


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Guys, do you want to know what the greatest performance enhancer is for fitness and life in general? It’s not something you find in GNC or on the black market. It’s SLEEP. ???

Sleep enhances your energy, endurance, muscle recovery, and mental clarity. If sleep could be bottled and sold, The Olympic Committee would put a ban on it. It seems so obvious, yet so many people are not getting proper sleep. If you want to live life to the fullest, sleep is not something you can sacrifice.

Bootcamp is one of the most demanding, effective workout programs in the WORLD. Not only would a lack of sleep make it harder to get through, but it would also make it less effective. Why do that to yourself? If you aren’t already, you need to get serious about your sleep schedule.

Want to know more about sleep and how to address your poor sleeping habits? Check out the latest Wiser With Kaiser below. Need more BBB videos in your life? Check out our YouTube channel to get hundreds of our best videos!

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