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Fam, if you aren’t following @betterbodybootcamp on Instagram, you are missing out. We stay posting content that celebrates the strongest fitness community in New York. In case you don’t keep current with our feed, we like to share a post of the week!

For this week’s post, we are putting some shine on our members and a very thankful BBB Turkey (aka The Dream aka The OG aka Salim)! Speaking on behalf of all of #teambbb, we have so much to be thankful for. Our community is the most inspiring, energizing, dedicated group of fitness fanatics we have ever met. They continue to find new ways to give mean to the term #bettereverything

While we are on the topic of being thankful, let’s take a moment to shoutout all the members who showed up in droves for our Black Friday workouts. The vibe was insane and we had some of the most-packed classes in BBB history. It goes to show that not even a Thanksgiving-feast hangover and Black Friday deals will keep the #bbbfam out of Bootcamp!

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