The Intro


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Fam, welcome to our newest series: The Introduction! In this series, we will be sharing videos with you that explain why BBB exists, the benefits of the program…Pretty much everything you need to know about Better Body’s reason for being.

In this first episode, Kaiser shares the origin of Better Body Bootcamp. He explains the state of the fitness industry at the time of Bootcamp’s creation, the need in the market place he saw, and how he positioned BBB to fill that need. Whether you are considering joining, a new member or a seasoned vet, this video does a great job of filling you in on our reason “why.”

Better Body is more than a place to go and workout. We believe we fill a real need in the communities we serve, and that’s what this series is all about. Expect to see more in the coming weeks. We consider it a must-watch. Check out the first video below:

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