Wiser with Kaiser


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Eating healthy and working out regularly is a hard lifestyle to adapt and you should all be proud that you have done it. There’s a lot of sweat and sacrifices that go into improving your health–it’s a challenge that not many are up to. But do you know what’s even harder than getting healthy and fit? Getting healthy and fit all over again after falling off the wagon.

Why? It all comes down to science. When you gain fat cells, they never go away completely (at least not without surgery). When you fall off the wagon, your fat cells multiply. So when you decide to get healthy again, it will be harder than it was previously.

Each time you fall off the wagon, progress becomes harder and harder to achieve. Once you build the momentum of a healthy lifestyle, you should do all you can to keep it going…This health and fitness lifestyle doesn’t come with an on/off switch!

Want to learn more about the downfalls of falling off the wagon and how to prevent it from happening in the first place? Check out the latest Wiser With Kaiser below:

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