The Intro


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Welcome back to The Intro! Our video series that introduces or reacquainted you to Better Body Bootcamp! It’s an onboarding series if you will!

Last week we kicked off the series with a video explaining why we started Better Body. This week Kaiser is back to tell you why BBB is as close to a perfect program as it gets! From the beginning, Better Body has worked to separate from everyone else in the fitness space. One of the major ways we do this is with the program itself.

There’s a huge trend in the fitness industry to focus on the modality of training. What do we mean? Most programs are focused on specific methods of training or equipment–things like kickboxing or stationary bikes or kettlebell workouts. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, it’s not the way we do things here. Our program is entirely focused on one thing: results.

Bootcamp is focused on achieving results. Every workout, every piece of equipment, every rep, was designed to produce full-body results. When you don’t limit yourself to a modality of training, the possibilities are endless!

This isn’t some propaganda piece. This video gives a killer explanation of why Better Body works so well. Check out the full video below:

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