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Fam, if you aren’t following @betterbodybootcamp on Instagram, you are missing out. We stay posting content that celebrates the strongest fitness community in New York. In case you don’t keep current with our feed, we like to share a post of the week!

This week we are looking at the photo that accompanied our groundbreaking announcement that Better Body is coming to Astoria. Even with all the new locations opening, Better Body Astoria holds a special place in our hearts.

Members have been calling for an Astoria location for years. We checked out countless spots, but the timing and location never came together. Now, we are not only coming to Astoria but opening a location backed by a dream team.

Steve, Kathy, and Chris are about to take over the game with their Bootcamp on Steinway Street. Steve and Chris didn’t play around getting things in motion. And Kathy, well, anybody who knows the first thing about Better Body knows there’s not a harder working person in the game! Go check out the post! it’s going to go down in Better Body history.

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