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As you know, the Better Body family is growing stronger and bigger each day. But our team is doing the same thing. You may have seen this very familiar face taking care of you in Bayside and Fresh Meadows.⠀

Say hello to our amazing assistant manager Veronica. Even though @verofrachia has been with the Fit Clan for months now, we wanted to give her an official introduction.

For starters, Veronica was born in Argentina but moved to NYC in life in 2004. She’s a mother of three beautiful children, and she was originally a BBB member before becoming a superstar assistant manager.⠀

We recently sat down with Veronica and asked her 10 burning questions.⠀

Q. What’s your favorite movie?
A. There are so many movies I really like, but If i have to pick I have two favorites: Avatar and Good Will Hunting.⠀

Q. What’s your favorite sports team?⠀
A. The Argentina National soccer team. Also, I forgot to mention I’m a big Messi fan!⠀

Q. What’s your favorite video game?⠀
A. I don’t usually play video games but if I do, I play FIFA.⠀

Q. What’s your favorite healthy meal?⠀
A Grilled chicken and veggies all day!⠀

Q. What’s your favorite cheat meal?⠀
A. French fries. ALWAYS french fries.⠀

Q. What’s your favorite music artist?⠀
A. Oh this one is another tough one because I LOVE all music and like so many music artists. But a singer and songwriter I really like to listen to is John Mayer.⠀

Q. How did you get into fitness?⠀
A. I got into fitness because of the need to disconnect myself from the daily routine. I started running, and I still do. It’s my therapy. Then I wanted something else that would put me out of my comfort zone and I started training at BBB and have never left since. ?⠀

Q. What’s your favorite workout move to do in class?⠀
A. The squat press and the most hated by everyone: Burpees! Yup, you read that right. ⠀

Q. What’s the thing you love most about working at Better Body?
A. What I love the most about working at Better Body is our members. They always make my day and their commitment is such an inspiration to me. 

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