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Team BBB was out in FULL FORCE Saturday as it was helping change the community for the better.⠀

We were also there to get all of the heart-felt action on video. Now it’s time to watch the BBB Crew volunteering in action.⠀

In case you missed it, this past Saturday more than 20 Better Body members took the time to help the Mott Haven Community Fridge program distribute food to hundreds at St. Benedict’s Church in the Bronx.⠀

Thank you once again to @adriennegiunta and the Better Body family for donating your time to this amazing community program.⠀

The Mott Haven Community Fridge Program started during the quarantine last year as a way to help feed impoverished communities that were adversely affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The fresh produce and food items are delivered to various fridges all over the Bronx and north Manhattan and distributed FREE to families.⠀

If you’re interested in volunteering for Mott Haven Community Fridge, please DM @motthavenfridge .⠀

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