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Now in the pandemic age, we understand more than ever, the importance of our health.⠀

Your weight, your activity level, what you’re eating, and how much you’re training; you need to be an expert at all of these. Your ability to fight and prevent disease depends on it. ⠀

Every single thing you do and consume in a day plays a part in your long-term health. Your training, your eating, your alcohol consumption, and your sleep. You are never NOT influencing your body and your health. ⠀

Since it’s happening anyway, it’s time to take control of it. To maintain control at all times. This is your most important job. Become an expert of your own health. Become a fanatic for it. ⠀

It’s also widely understood that mental health is as important, and plays a huge role, in physical health. Your training and eating regimen play a bigger part in your mental health than you can imagine. ⠀

We have an entire ecosystem of businesses and cultures out there that are trying to destroy your health. Too much food. Too many substances. Too much leisure. Too many excuses. ⠀

Take control of your health. It’s number one by a mile. Compared to your health, a number two really doesn’t exist. 

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