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⁣⁣The most potentially dangerous mistakes with training are made with exercises in the bent-over position. ⠀

That’s really a shame. From the bent position, as seen here with bent over rows in this video, you are working some of your most important muscle groups, all together at once: ⠀

1. Your legs, your butt, and hamstrings are engaged. You will have a better butt and better overall lower body shape. ⠀

2. Your lower back is fully engaged.You are performing an extended static contraction with your lower back in this exercise. This will result in a very strong lower back. ⠀

3. Your upper back is fully engaged. All of your spinal erector muscles are working, giving you great posture, and protecting your spine from injury. ⠀

The problems come in if someone hasn’t been taught to lift properly. Without proper training, your first impulse is to do bent and lifting exercises with a curved back (as you see in the WRONG section of this video). This takes the lifting motion, one of your strongest body positions, and makes it one of your weakest. ⠀

For great bent over and lifting form, pay very close attention to the RIGHT section of this video. Model this lifting form for any activities that involve bending. You will feel very strong, very stable, and feel all the most important muscles in your body firing when you do it.

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