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Moving our bodies is an extremely essential part of our physical and mental health. Over millions of years, our bodies were designed to move for most of the day, every day. For that reason, the sad reality is that most people aren’t training enough.⠀

Too many people consider fitness a 2 to 3 times a week thing, when it’s really an EVERY DAY, possibly more than once a day, thing. Is that too much? It depends on how you do it. ⠀

One of those workouts can be a tough, intense workout like Bootcamp. Nothing will get your body to optimum performance than that. If on top of that you want to get in a second, shorter workout, go for it. This can be something like a walk, short jog, or short bodyweight strength training session. ⠀

However much time and energy you have to train during your week, never hesitate to train even more. Moving your body is such an essential part of your physical and mental wellbeing, that you really can’t overdo it. 

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