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⁣Without a doubt, the greatest thing to ever come out of the former Soviet Union is the kettlebell. However, kettlebell swing form for beginners is usually wrong. Today let’s focus on making it right. ⠀

The first part is to remember that this is a SWING. None of the muscles in your upper body should really be engaged for the movement. ⠀

Your hips are the hinge being used to create momentum to bring the kettlebell up. Just push your hips forward to start the motion going, and continue to push through your hips to keep it going. ⠀

With your legs, butt, and back creating the momentum, that’s where all of the magic of the ketllebell swing comes from. It ties these muscles together to make you look great (you can’t have a nice butt without having a nice lower back). Plus, because it’s a dynamic movement, it makes you nearly bulletproof to injury. ⠀

Thank you mother Russia for the wonderful kettlebell. Now you know how to use it right! ⠀

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