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Your body burns fat when it is in ketosis, by definition. So is the Keto Diet the best way to burn fat? ⠀

To review, the Keto Diet is an extreme low carb eating plan. It involves taking your carbs all the way down, and replacing those calories with fat and protein. The idea behind the plan is that since your body has less stored carbs to burn, it will start to burn more fat, and do it very quickly. ⠀

The fist problem with the Keto Diet, is rule #1 when it comes to dieting: you should never do anything that you can’t do for the rest of your life. The Keto Diet isn’t something most people are willing to do forever. You may know several people who lost weight very quickly on the keto diet (or any other radical approach), and gained it all back, plus a little more, shortly after they went off the plan. ⠀

So although eating ultra low-carb may not be something you can keep up forever, eating the right amount of calories for your body is a plan that you can and should follow forever. If that’s the case, going keto in the early stages of your diet can be a good strategy. ⠀

Cutting out carbs for the beginning portion of your dieting journey is a good idea for several reasons. You already knew that eating less is how you will really burn more fat, but that is so vague. How is that information helping you? Hardly at all. Cutting out carbs is a fun way to get yourself jump started. So much of what we eat now is carbs, that cutting out carbs will result in an instant decrease in your daily calories, leading to instant weight loss. ⠀

Not only that, but when you are dumping carbs, you will also naturally dump a lot of retained water too. You will experience a huge amount of introductory weight loss from a combination of burning stored carbs, releasing water, and burning fat. This will motivate you to stay focused and continue to keep your calories in the acceptable range, so that you keep burning fat. ⠀

The thing to keep in mind is that once you are ready to introduce carbs back into your eating, to keep it under extreme control. Fruit, Sweet potatoes, rice, quinoa, and Ezekial Bread are the best way to do it. Sorry, but deserts, cookies, sugar, and white bread are still out as part of a long term plan. The good news is you won’t have to do keto anymore. You will now be eating carbs again, which is a balanced eating plan that you can get results from forever. ⠀

So is the Keto Diet the cure to permanent fat loss? No, because very few people can maintain it indefinitely. But will the Keto Diet jump start your weight loss? Absolutely. So the bottom line is, like any other eating strategy, the Keto Diet is another tool you have in your arsenal to get you the results you’re looking for.

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