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Very often in life, your EGO will be your undoing. This is especially true with shoulder training. ⠀

The shoulder muscles are a comparatively small muscle program. They also happen to be somewhat delicate. Perfect form is essential for shoulder training. To achieve that, you will have to take weights that are lighter than any other muscle group you work. ⠀

This is where the ego comes in. People don’t like taking lighter weights, so they’ll take their usual heavy ones, and completely butcher their form on shoulder exercises like the lateral raise. ⠀

The increased chance of injury aside, this approach of going too heavy with bad form will do nothing to get you results. The squeeze and tension in your shoulders will be essential to make them stronger and look better. You’ll lose all of that tension if you’re using your whole body to get up the weights. ⠀

As you get more advanced with your training, great form will become more and more important. You’ll discover that you’re not getting anything out of your workouts without it. For perfect form on your lateral shoulder raise, just refer to this video. And remember the lesson; don’t listen to your ego, but instead to your muscles, and pick the correct weight to give them the intensity they need. ⠀

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