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If you’re HEALTHY, you’re WINNING. That’s the bottom line. There are tens of millions of people that are not as lucky as you. You should be extremely grateful for that every single day. It’s kind of hard to ever have a bad day, when you are appreciative of how lucky you really are. ⠀

But that doesn’t mean your work is over. You now need to preserve that health. That comes through sensible eating, and frequent exercise. Health is in many ways luck, and good eating and training puts the odds in your favor. Plus it makes you look and feel better and allows you to enjoy life much more. The additional benefits of a healthy lifestyle are practically endless. ⠀

Get fit, get strong, get sexy. But most importantly of all, stay HEALTHY. All the accolades, money, and possessions in the world are worthless without this one thing.⠀

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