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Meet one of BBB Astoria’s most recent star members, Luis Antonio.

After only being with us for a few short months, Luis has COMPLETELY changed his body and life. I mean, 34 pounds in 3 months?! This guy’s on FIRE 🔥

So what made BBB different for Luis?

In his words…”The energy of the trainers. They put all of their energy into the classes and make each class unique and so worth it. I love when they start yelling your name!” 💥

Luis’s top tips to success are simple:

1. Focus on the things you can control (workout routine, diet, sleep, etc) and let go of the rest.

2. Be happy, enjoy the process, work hard, and be ready for results!

“Your life can change in 3 months, but everything depends on you and only you. So, who you gonna be in 3 months?”

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