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Meet Kiana. She has been with Better Body Fresh Meadows since January 2021, and the decision has completely changed her life for the best.

However, in the last six months, this super-dedicated BBB member has experienced her most significant transformations. Kiana’s dropped two pants sizes, a whopping 30 pounds, and continues to tone up over the last few months.

More importantly, she’s improved all aspects of his life. The secret to her success? Well, it’s easy: Better Body is the motivation station.

“Better Body is very motivating, and we work hard,” Kiana explains.

Moreover, CONSISTENCY is the name of the game. Kiana makes sure she’s taking classes at least four times a week.

Thank you, Kiana for trusting and believing in the Better Body Way of Life. We’re incredibly proud of you and all your accomplishments! Keep up the amazing work!

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