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Let’s say hello to Jaime. She joined Better Body Williamsburg just a few months ago, and she has already TRANSFORMED her life 💪🏼.

Between August and October, Jaime lost 15 lbs. She was able to build muscle, lose fat, and sculpt her body, but that’s just part of her BBB story.

Jaime has built a LIFESTYLE. She’s built a routine and has shown up for herself day after day and it’s paid off 🏆

“The coaches at BBB are so motivating and the classes are always different, so you never get bored. The music is the best! The environment is SUPER positive, you never feel like you can’t do it no matter what level you’re at.”

Huge shoutout to Jaime for all of her hard work! We’re so thankful to have you in the Better Body Fam ❤️‍🔥.

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