Our Approach

We not only combine the most science-based approach with the most innovative workouts on the planet. We also have the most welcoming, judgement free, and inspiring community of staff and members that exists anywhere.

Fat-Burning Intervals at Their Finest

You’ve heard of interval training right? Yes, but everyone’s doing that these days. At Better Body, you’ll find a higher level. We pick interval moves that sculpt and tone you, to make sure you’re changing your shape while you’re burning fat. There’s more to results than endless burpees; that’s what you’ll discover with us.  

Body Sculpting With Weights

Did you know that if you do the wrong strength moves, you can actually look worse? The wrong routine can give you a stockier, chunkier, blockier appearance, bigger clothing sizes, and a larger waist. We pick moves that will sculpt, tone, and define you, and put them in a combination to give you your best possible appearance. 

When Fitness Is Fun, It’s Effortless

Our greatest discovery at Better Body is a training style that pumps tons of energy, motivation, and fun into every single day. You’ll look forward to every workout as a way to let loose and unwind from your day, or kick-start it with strength and power. It’s this unique approach that’s helped us turn more newbies into fitness junkies than any other program ever invented.