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We’re Back! The Long-Awaited Reopening Of BBB Is Here!

We’ve all recently been through one of the toughest periods of our lives. How have you been? If you’re like our members, you are more than excited to get your health and fitness goals back on track. Training is vital to staying healthy now more than ever. Our doors are open and we want to see you.


The Safest Place on Earth

Our cleaning and safety protocols are second to none. We use hospital-grade disinfectants and the most rigorous cleaning protocol known to man. Is Better Body safer than anywhere else you could possibly go? We’re happy to say absolutely!

Social Distancing is in Full Effect

More than any other training program in the country, Better Body allows you to stay a minimum of six feet away from every other member for the entirety of the class. Every single piece of equipment you need for your full class will be sanitized and waiting for you at your station.

The Best Workouts in the World Just Got Better

Having all your equipment at your station means our fast-paced workouts just got even faster. We are known for strength training that will change your shape and boost your “sexy factor,” combined with cardio to improve your health and melt any unwanted pounds. With everything you need at your station, get ready for a killer class.